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Resume Mr. Hossameldin Abdelkarim

Founder of H. Karim & Associates

Mr. Hossameldin Abdelkarim, founder of H. Karim & Associates, has a diverse range of legal exposure. He is licensed to practice in the state of New York and his primary expertise in the US is immigration law.

In Egypt, Mr. Abdelkarim’s practice focuses on banking and finance, although his experience also extends to the fields of securities’ market regulations, mergers and acquisitions, private equities and securities litigation. He developed this expertise through his time as General Legal Counsel for HSBC Bank Egypt and as Legal Consultant to the Chairman of the Egyptian Regulator of the Capital Market (Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority) In addition, while serving at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, he obtained considerable regional experience pertinent to these sectors.

The extensive experience Mr. Hossameldin possesses is built on a dedication to education and a strong academic foundation. He was especially prodiginous in his early educational years, obtaining two BAs from Cairo University: one in Economics and Political Science and the other in Law, in 1992 and 1997 respectively.

In May 2002, he graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, where he studied US Securities and Financial Regulations.

J.William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board & The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of The United Stated Department of State Award
Date: 2002

Mr. Hossameldin’s practical education began early on. As a fresh graduate, he became an associate at Shalakany Law Office - one of the most prestigious law firms in Cairo, Egypt - from September 1997 till May 2004. In this position he advised both national and multinational corporations and banks on issues related to corporate law, banking law, capital market and securities laws.

In June 2004, he took his expertise to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in the UAE where he worked as a Senior Legal Officer until January 2006.

His next move took him to the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, where he served as Legal Consultant to the chairman of the Egyptian Capital Market Authority (ECM) from February 2006 to July 2007. There he drafted and reviewed proposed changes to the rules and regulations governing the Egyptian capital market. Mr. Hossameldin also participated in major projects that worked on reforming the legal framework of the securities’ market in Egypt, including:

After this period with the ECM, Mr. Hossameldin returned to private practice at Shalakany Law Firm as a Senior Associate for the Capital Market and Banking Group from August 2007 to May 2009. There, he participated in projects including the privatization of the Ismaeilia Misr Poultry S.A.E., and advised multinational companies such as DALLA Group Maridive & Oil Services S.A.E - who he assisted with their primary offering and in listing 10-20% of their shares on the Egyptian Exchange. He also advised Goldman Sachs in their acquisition of 5-10% of the capital of Palm Hills in the wake of the primary offering and listing of the security on the Egyptian Exchange in 2008.

After this prolific period, he was promoted to Partner in Sarie-Eldin & Partners, one of the most reputable firms in Cairo, from June 2009 until March 2014. There he co-headed the capital markets practice and, acting as client manager for a wide selection of clients, was involved in various services and industries including:securities markets, financial institutions, manufacturing and food & beverages companies.

His next stop at the world wide bank chain, HSBC, put him in the position to head their legal department from April 2014 to December 2017. His responsibilities there included providing legal advice on banking issues related to Egyptian law and participating in local/regional committees and business management meetings(i.e. the Executive Committee, Risk Management Committee, Board Audit Committee, Board Risk Committee, Regional Legal Risk Committee, Regional Legal Executive Committee, Money Market Fund Supervisory Committee)

Mr. Hossameldin’s publications have tackled important issues as they unfolded in the Egyptian market.

  • Education
  • Awards
  • Past experience
    • Participating in the drafting committee for acquisition rules
    • Drafting the explanatory notes, forms and applications related to incentive stock option plans
    • Drafting proposed changes to the regulations governing investment companies and mutual funds
    • Reviewing proposed changes to the regulations of margin trading and securities borrowing
  • Publications
    • The first was published in the English issue of Al Ahram Weekly newspaper, a renowned Egyptian newspaper, in July 2002 and presented an economic proposal for resolving the FX liquidity issue at that time in Egypt. The proposed solution was inspired partially by his seminar paper which he submitted in Georgetown University LLM Program. Read it HERE!

    • In July 2011, he published another economic article in Al Shorouk Newspaper. Here, he tackled a wider debate amongst the business community in the wake of a proposal by the Egyptian Ministry of Finance to impose new capital gains tax on exchange traded securities for the first time. Read it HERE!

Our Clients!

Acrow Misr
Icon Construction and Development
Genesis Pharma

With offices in Egypt and the United States, H. Karim & Associates have developed a refined knowledge and profound understanding of the essential support which start-ups; entrepreneurs and investors contemplate to expand and diversify their portfolios across borders.

ACROW MISR, a company actively traded and listed on the Egyptian Exchange. With offices and branches in KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, U.A.E. Africa and Europe, the company is one of the leading companies in the field of formwork and scaffolding supplies in Gulf, MENA region, and Europe, providing the best in class customer experience. We have advised the company on issues related to general trade, corporate restructuring and corporate governance.

A leading consultancy firm offering specialized Engineering, Industrial and Project Management consultancy and advisory services. Capitalizing on their profound expertise, outstanding clients and know how, they provide solutions and strategic planning for their ambitious client eager to grow and collaborate with them to achieve a mutual success story.

ICON Egypt, an actively traded company listed on the Egyptian Exchange. ICON Egypt is a leading company in the manufacturing of end to end- manufacturing of its corrugated sheets and accessories, sandwich panels, steel purlins, guard rails. The company provides and operates projects of buildings and units manufactured from structures applied by using its own famous ICON sandwich panels and corrugated galvanized steel sheets. These units come in portable items: Caravan units and fixed ones; as well as it Prefabricated units. We are advising the company in several projects and joint ventures relating to acquiring new products and know how. We have also advised the company in regards to corporate matters, restructuring and capital market law issues.

A new comer to the field of Pharmaceuticals with great ambitions and prospects of growth. We have advised the shareholders in the acquistiion of an existing pharmaceutical entity. We are also advising on gereral trade, licensing, branding and general corporate and tax law.

H.Karim and Associates Fields of Practice

U.S. Immigration Law

Our firm assists and advises clients that are applying for visas, and/or obtaining and adjusting their status under the four categories of immigration - Employment, Family, Refugee, or Asylum.

Corporate Law

Our firm assists clients in setting-up various legal forms of corporate entities in Egypt and the State of New York. We provide legal advice and support to companies, and their management teams, on issues related to the day-to-day running of their businesses as well as advising on strategic corporate policies and decisions. We also assist clients in the preparation, and collection, of ratifications and apostils of corporate actions in a timely and efficient manner.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Having actively participated in the drafting of the Egyptian laws governing corporate acquisitions in 2007, we possess the skills and expertise to lead its clients in making legal, and timely, decisions. We are adept at corporate restructuring, mergers, MBOs and LBOs. We assist clients in the preparation of legal documents governing their underlying transactions, making the proper regulatory disclosures and submitting the required filings and applications to the concerned regulatory authorities to ensure the deal is closed efficiently, and legally.

Capital Market Law and Regulations

Capitalizing from the firsthand experience while the Legal Consultant to the Chairman of the Capital Market Regulator in Egypt, our firm benefits from the diverse knowledge and expertise of its Founder. We assist and guide its clients to safely navigate through the extensive rules and regulations covering the multiple components of the Egyptian Capital Market Law including: raising capital, debt equity swaps, share swaps, debt issuance, and securitization. Our Firm also provides legal advice regarding the various capital market products, and support in the preparation of the underlying documentation of marging trading and securities’ lending, rights issues and IPOs, and securities listings. We can also support compliance related concerns with regard to the rules and directives issued by the Egyptian Supervisory Authority.

Banking and Finance

Again, we have built upon the expertise our Founder, who, for four years, was the General Legal Counsel for HSBC Bank in Egypt representing clients in banking transactions, syndications, project financing, and other major corporate and commercial banking transactions. We are also prepared to provide legal advice and support to our clients, be it bank or financial institutions, in retail banking and other specifically designed banking products and structures. We are proud to provide assistance and support on regulatory and financial crime compliance issues under Egyptian law for our clients. We have also excelled in properly articulating to our clients their legal risk profile, and on the implementation of effective controls to mitigate and/or avoid inherent legal risks.

Securities Litigation and Arbitration

Our Firm manages and litigates cases, and represents clients in disputes related to alleged violations of the Egyptian Capital Market Law. We also represent clients in civil and commercial disputes, whether litigated before Egyptian courts or before arbitral panels, arising from their contractual relationships governing capital market related products.

General Trade

We provide general legal advice on trade and commerce. We assist in preparing and drafting contracts and agreements related to a wide array of businesses and entrepreneurial activities in the field of trade, real estate development, the transfer of technology, and commercial agency.

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We are honored to uphold the New York State’s Rules of Professional Responsibility and ABA Code of Conduct. We are bound by the promise to treat our clients fairly. We apply end-to-end best practice processes to maintain client confidentiality and proper and timely communication with our clients. Our objective is to enable and assist our clients in making informed legal decision.

We provide a wide range of legal services whether in Egypt or in the US. Our edge stems from the diverse expertise, client base and willingness to partner with our stakeholders. Our commitment to entrepreneurs and new comers includes assistance in the setup and operation of businesses, corporate governance and legal risk management, paving the way to successful ventures in both Egypt and the US.

H. Karim & Associates provide sound legal advice in a challenging legal environment. We focus on raising capital, finding suitable and reliable partnerships and guide our clients to maintain sustainable business plans. Our consultancy extends to clients interacting with governmental as well as non-governmental entities.